Michael Culliton, Affiliation/Work: Organizational consultant

Dave DuVal, Affiliation/Work: Automotive Instructor at Dunwoody


Casey Dzieweczynski, Treasurer, Affiliation/Work: Minneapolis Center for Planning and Economic Development.


Mathew Ingle, Vice Chair, Affiliation/Work: Finance at Best Buy


Hyun Joo Oh, Affiliation/Work: Social worker with Hennepin County


Sam Khoroosi, Secretary, Affiliation/Work: Attorney at Robins Kaplan, LLC and Auto Mechanic.


John Knowland, Affiliation/Work: Architect, formerly homeless


Bhavesh Mistri, Affiliation/Work: Engineer with General Mills


Anne Quincy, Affiliation/Work:  Legal Aid Attorney.

Kevin Riba, Affiliation/Work: Retired from the Community Reinvestment Fund.

Atom Robinson, Affiliation/Work: Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

Rebecca Tumm, Chair, Affiliation/Work: International Orthodox Christian Charities.