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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Coming Back

Wow! Finally back there are a lot of things to catch up on to get people in and get appointments set up. Also glad to see all my co-workers again and have to say missed working here. It's definitely gotten harder to stay on time with the blog but try my best to keep to my two entries a week. Especially considering the other work I have to do but can say at least I have a method to do the front and social media. Now to just keep trying until Sonia comes back. For now I will do my best and just keep working

Happy Thanksgiving

On the eve of thanksgiving we are having a super busy day attempting to get those cars out by today so customers can have there cars back for the break. It is fun to get time off and get to relax but will say I'll miss working. Just really enjoy helping around and each day is not like the day before usually something new via people I meet. Well now to get back to work Happy Thanksgiving all

Always Something to Do

Wow this week has been nonstop we are just getting a lot of cars with bigger jobs that take more time. I am happy we are getting a lot done and helping those coming in though. It just feels a little overwhelming with all that needs to be done and appointments that need to be made, called and scheduled. Plus we also have a new Dunwoody work study student working here. She help out in the front and is very helpful especially as an extra set of hands. At least we almost get a break and I get to sleep in, but until then we work

Another Calm Day

  Well it has been busy in the Lift Garage with lots of appointment and cars to work on but it's not as hectic in the front. I have to admit it is fun to have some time to relax and take in the sunny days even as winter fastly approaches. It is quite interesting to be out in the front and have the sun glaring in and then walk outside to the freezing cold.  As a non-native Midwesterner is something I have to readjust to. Anyways i just hope we are able to get things moving and do the best we can

No Time to Rest.... But Maybe For Lunch

It has been non stop going of things needing to be done but also just answering phone calls or other duties. Although we did all take lunch earlier then yesterday so we are getting there. It was a little stressful but at the end things started to dial down and got most of what we needed to done. It was also fun even with so much happening, but on the shop sided was more stressful with now two techs out. Truly appreciate my fellow staff members and excited to have so many new volunteers joining the Lift. Well have a great weekend and stay warm

So Much to Do

Well being out for two days felt horrible mainly because I couldn't come to work and I really do enjoy coming in to the Lift. I did get other stuff done that I needed to, but felt odd not being able to talk with the team and do my morning walks. I am glad to be back even got to work early out of excitement. It has been very busy with one tech short, but we are making it work and it gets me back into the pace of things. Just can't help feeling joyful working here and ready to continue making the changes and programs as a volunteer coordinator. Now to get back to work.  

What else can I do?

Today is one of those days where I really wish I could do more for both staff and customers, but can only move forward. I can do only what I am capable at or be accessible and ready to do what I am need to. Then having a morning meeting through my day off a bit just because I get so use to routine. So coming to work with a full room was overwhelming and felt like I needed to get to work immediately. No time to put anything away, but more of just my personality then being told to do so. Glad we have committed volunteers who give their time and help here. Everyone I have had the chance to meet have all been so nice and great to work with. Truly grateful to all the people I work with and sad to think my year is almost half over. Still got time to finish projects so that's what I'm off to do

Happy Halloween

A favorite holiday for a few here at the Lift Garage and giving candies to customers in today. It is one of my favorite days because Day of the Dead is also almost here. I happened to make candy skull and paint them but I digress. It was a very calm day we even got a sweet treat from one of our tech's mother who baked some pastries. Then a customer also gives us more pastries we truly are spoiled. Can't help but enjoy the fellow customers who call or come in to the Lift Garage. Well to another fun day at the Lift

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