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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Cool Spring Days

It's nice to have cool breeze outside just because it can get a bit stuffy in the office or waiting room. I'm just glad to get some proper air flow considering its only going to get hotter from here on. I will say things haven't been super busy like last week, but still enough to get some cars done. And thankfully we have a few open spots to reschedule some customers and move others up. Glad I got the chance to confirm customers too something we haven't had the chance to catch up on. Got a good amount started, but always appointment to finalize and make. 

Loving the Rain

Just a gift that keeps coming can't help but love the rain with the nice cool air. Especially with all the cars we have so it helps that it is a bit cooler to get that work going in the front end. Hope it is refreshing for the guys since it does get real hot when they have to work on the cars with the humidity and sun. Hopefully we can get all the work we can done to start anew tomorrow. We do our best to make everything go a smoothy as we can for both the customer and us. Well let get back to work and until next time. 

It's Heating Up at The Lift

Summer seems more present with it getting warmer at The Lift and seems we are skipping Spring. I noticed it would get warm in the winter when the sun was out but hope it doesn't get to bad. I love the winter so much nice and cold verse the scorching heat. It is nice to fill some air flow from the car wash side, but can only image how hot it gets in the bays. But having a great boss who looks out for everyone just is amazing. It's moments like these where I am joyful not because of the nice gesture, but the community I'm in

A Great Success

What a night it was yesterday cheers for five years was a roaring success it was really great we had a great turn out! Thanks to our generous donors we exceeded our goal! The food was amazing and although we switched locations we made it work. It was really great to just be a part of what felt like a family get together. We had such cool prizes for the raffle to so many different places from generous place and teams. Luther sponsored our event letting us keep all the donations for the Lift and the move later this year. Hope next year it gets bigger and better like The Lift is moving towards. Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes, have a wonderful weekend!  

One More Day!

We are just day away from the Lift's fifth year celebration at Summit Brewing Company! May 2 from 5:00- 8:00 PM, get your ticket at the door or online. Tickets get you one beverage, substantial snacks, and the joy from supporting The Lift Garage! We hope to see your there and may you have a great rest of your day

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