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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Grilled Cheese and Volunteers

It is remarkable to see the next generation of students coming out of their spring vacation to one provide some delicious lunch, but also their time. It feels like a way of students to get to see a different atmosphere and organization, we are definitely one of a kind. Plus it was very kind of them to prepare lunch for us and our customers. Also there were many people filling the space and was great conversation as they help clean windows. Hopefully the Lift as it expands can house more volunteers and have jobs to keep them busy. Sometimes the challenge of having enough to do on slower days is the small space and the limited jobs we have to accomplish. So as we move forward so too can the volunteers and moving into paper to technology

Just Keeping it Solid

Today was a day like no other we were very busy checking in people, getting inspections done and all the other things we had to do. I didn't even realize when the day was over just because of all the calls and conversations I was having. It was great to just be busy and feel the more direct impact of the Lift and what we offer our customers. Yet at the same time was overwhelming to just have the phone call no stop and going from one conversation to the next. Makes working here exciting because I really never know what kind of day I have and get excited to find out. Also can't believe it is almost April feels like March just flew by but well that's life. Well hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day and until next time. 

Spring Starts Today

Well it is the first day of spring officially today but it is snowing that a thing I guess. I honestly love it because that just means it is nice and cold still but makes getting to the Lift harder. It was definitely a slower day but at least it was too bad. It will just be icy tomorrow but it has been a pretty busy thankfully. I noticed it during the winter but not always full proof of less cars during snow. So hopeful once winter truly ends it could be easier for people to come in for the inspection

Getting Good News

Well we have been competing in Brackets for Good and we aren't doing to bad glad to see the support from everyone in the community supporting all organizations. Our first year going into round three and fingers cross to getting into the fourth round. Exciting news for a Lift event happening soon and new changes to come. So we'll continue the good work and until next time... oh also Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy Pi Day!

Today is one of those days where it's just super busy of just non stop work, but it was also feels good to be this busy. It's been slow but hopefully with the climbing weather days it will continue to stay busy. Also it is Pie day, it is a great time to get a piece of pie and have to say apple is my favorite. Also we have gotten our last boxes of car care kits to give and wow very glad it has served our customers. Even with winter having ended it never hurts to prepare for next year or in case of an emergency. Well to another day and continuing the work at the Lift.       

Trying a New System

Well we have started some new techniques here at The Lift with the help of our new staff member JoHanna. With team work in the front section of The Lift we are looking at different methods to be more effective with both customers and technicians. Like all things just needs to be used and adapted as we notice what works and what doesn't. It has been helpful and know we are keeping the channels open to better know what updates to give customers and what need to be done. Well glad to have all this progress and hopeful to the next era of The Lift Garage.  

The Winter Storm

That storm last night was strong, sort of magical to wake up to the snow in the ground, but was a pain to walk. I was glad we still got customers that came in even with the rough roads. Hopefully it stays that way and we get plenty to do and work on for people. Considering last week was slower then it usual, we want to make sure to get people in and repair done. And it is getting warmer so hopefully it will get easier for people to come in and won't have to worry about the snow. Well to a almost new season

Meet for the Next Steps

Well it is the first time I get to plan with fundraising I have always wounder how those go. Add the fact it is within the realm of Non-profit, just puts into perspective the programs I was in and everything that goes into them. The outside work it takes to continue service and start up services it just always amazes me. It also invigorates my own passion of continuing the work with other organizations and issues to address. Really it comes to feeling honor and humbled to be helping out in such a good place with amazing people.   

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