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  • Day 1 of New Changes

    Tuesday 06 February 2018

    First day without Brooklyn is definitely weird I am so use to coming in the mornings and talking about our weekends or what we did, it is just different. I am hopeful though because life only moves forward and I am excited to see the next steps. I want to be more productive on my time and make sure to get back on the goal setting mind set even when things are unpredictable. To make sure I am able to leave a game plan of the next steps for my successor. It is the half point so need to be sure I p... read more

  • Farwell Brooklyn

    Thursday 01 February 2018

    Today is the the second to last day Brooklyn will be here at the Lift. I have only known her for a short while, but it has been lots of fun. I can see from the customers and the stories I am told how much the Lift has grown in more then one way with her help. She is a amazing, thoughtful and great supervisor. I only hope her the best and wish her luck. It is a sad farewell, but the start of a new beginning for the Lift