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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Spring feels Refreashing

Well it definitely has been warmer and quite sunny which is always go for mood and moral. It also means that we could get rain as well which is my second favorite weather preference. My favorite part is the way it smells right after the rain just so refreshing. Although I don't like that it gets humid after when the sun comes out again. But still just enjoy how when it's raining time goes slower and appreciate the poodles. Also getting to watching the lighting/ thunder storm is an added bonus. The colors and the cozy feeling it brings everything about rain is pleasant. Looking at work we have had some pretty busy days and some slow days this week. We have been behind but glad with the slower days we have been catching up. Now to continue to do my best in these last few days at The Lift. 

One Week from Today

Lettuce celebrate! It is almost here just one week from today will our fifth year fundraising event at Summit Brewing Company May 2 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM. The last few days I have gotten the chance to really do some tedious task where I can see what I started with and see all the final product. Mainly letters but all necessary work that need to get done for the event and to give our local donors a invitation. It is exciting to see all the work that we have been doing almost coming together. Very excited to do the fundraiser just have to help finalize last minute event details. Woo!  

Today is a Day

First the weather is improving it is great to see the snow finally melting and the temperature is rising! Maybe we will get spring after all which makes feel move active here at the Lift. Things are still carrying over, but we are starting to balance it out and getting work done. Although we are running a bit slow we are doing our best with everyone. I will say today has been one of the toughest day here, but it is also a moment where I felt the most connected with my coworkers. I am glad to get this experience I do at the Lift and will carry it with me at my next service site. Hard to believe it is almost the end just two more months I'll truly will miss the Lift and those I work with

Lots of Snow

What a storm it was this Saturday with so much snow and happy that it has calmed down. Although It is still gray outside and slightly snowing it is starting to get warmer. The end of "winter" might finally begin next week hopefully. Today at the Lift things have been really busy because of the the cars from the weekend still need work. There just a lot to do and accomplish especially with our big fundraiser in just a few weeks! It has really been fun to get a chance to dip my toes if you will in fundraising and what that looks like for a non profit. Well let get through today and on to tomorrow

The Sun is Out

Well spring might be skipped this year just keeps getting colder and we have a Friday thirteen which is also is The Lift Garage's fifth birthday. To think this organization started with a single garage bay one day a week to four bays five days a week and growing still. With so much support from a verity of people help really make the Lift what it is today, thank you and may the we continue our good work and mission. Stay warm everyone  with the storm coming in and safe

Maybe It'll be Spring Soon

What a spring it is can't believe it still feels like winter really a nice weather consider I don't like the heat as much. Sometimes thou the days do feel like they are dragging especially when not as many customers are able to come in.  Although we are getting some media attention and Cathy got to do a audio interview for The Lift. So more opportunity to have donors or just on people's mind how we operate, we began and do. Especially with a fundraiser soon to look into a bigger and better Lift in a new location. Glad I got to be a part of the committee and get some raffle donations for the event.  Just a great introduction of what it takes to get a nonprofits going.  Well till next time

Staying busy

The snow stopped, but now we have wind so still cold. At least it is sunny and maybe it will soon finally be spring weather. Although it does make it easier for our customer to come in when the roads are clear of snow. The day was busy too which was good since the last few days things have been a bit slow. Also wanted to thank everyone for their support in getting us into round three in Brackets for Good. We might not have gotten to the last round, but still raised money to continue services at the Lift. Also it is April just sort of hit me just a few more months and I leave. Have to just catch up on my project and go from there on how I can finish my year strong. Well to the things to come and hope everyone has a great day

What a Spring...

Well can't say not happy but still gets me how winter never really seems over. And what a storm it is good few inches on the road which is when I most enjoy the bus ride to work. But it's rough out there especially on the roads with a few inches of snow that have been falling since Monday. Which means it will be a slow day although I hope that we can get some people in at least. Also I was excited to come back to work considering my mild concussion but the snow dwindled me joy. Nevertheless hope we have enough work and people are able to come in. To the the wishes of Spring season but until then stay warm everyone

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