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Yearly Archives: 2018

All Caught Up

This week has been great here at the Lift, we have been getting caught up and getting in car for inspections. And the roads are safer and for the most part snow is out of the way. Not so true for the sidewalk, but definitely makes it easier for our customers coming in. Then with the Superbowl coming soon hope traffic doesn't get too bad for our customers or make transportation more difficult. Well we will see how the next weeks end up

After the Snow Storm

Lets just say today was a interesting start especially after the snow storm from Monday. I was excited to play in the snow but it was too windy for it to be fun. I have a decent amount of knowledge about the snow weather, but not on the maintenance. I have lived in snow, but I never had to personally do the shoveling and even now don't have to do much. So this year I am going to learn mainly, so I don't have to struggle with the garbage cans again. I'm getting off topic though, here at the Lift we had a slow start considering the roads were still being plowed. Luckily we also had a few cars from last week to do work, while we waited for today's to come in with precaution. Even some of our staff took a while because of there cars getting snowed in. Well hope the snow last some before it melts to play outside

Workers Bonding

Yesterday we got to have a great staff and board gathering at a local bowling location, it was a blast. It was amazing to get to know everyone's skill level at bowling, mine is definitely on the lower end. I have only bowled twice and pretty ok not the best, but decent. I will say I was a lot better at foosball and air hockey. Also in the shop things weren't bad was a bit slow in the front end, but definitely busy in the shop. It has been a interesting experience to see the shop in the winter compared to the fall. The different issues that come in, but also the bigger sense of urgency considering the cold weather, snow and salt. Things I didn't think about until the Lift or even know about and be aware of. Just more things to consider and keep learning about

First Day Back

Well it has been an eventful week going to Southern California and then traveling up north to see my family. It was nonstop doing things and traveling each day, it was exhausting. I am glad I did it, but definitely sleeping in on the weekend. The days not at the Lift have also been eventful of just having lots of things to do. But things were good and glad to be back with my house and co-workers. Now to catch up and get work done

It's Snowing!

Yes! It is snowing! Although there is also a blizzard happening I am enjoying watching the snow falling. I guess you can say I thrive in cold conditions even though I am from California. We had many customers bring their car the night before luckily so they didn't have to drive in the snow. It looks like a busy day for us and now there won't be a line to get into the Lift for the first time. It is a new thing I learned this week about Minnesotans' and car washes. Considering I didn't actually see any one in Michigan getting them but glad my placement is continuing to learn. It's my first time in a mechanical shop and even learning about cars in general. If anything it was a good time to reflect on what I've learned and what more I have to learn

Moving Up

Well today is a wonderful day after having so much to do last week and getting donations from other partners for our office. It is just a really enjoyable day where things went well and we got many of our cars out and fixed. And the temperature is nice a fresh making the day more pleasant. Also the thought that it might snow is exciting something I miss from the winters in MI. Well until next time

Busy is a understatment

Well I have to say things have been very busy and things are interesting. It has been stressful but glad we have the staff that we do. Even under pressure, cars are getting done and moving things forward. I am thankful of the customers for also being so understanding and patient. Even when it doesn't seem like it the universe works in our favor to get the most out the day as we can. I feel sometimes you need the bad to truly value the good in my own life as I learned. Although it never seems that way at the moment most of the time. Either way to not get on a whole tangent I want to end with a thankful note to all the people I have been able to meet here and got the chance to learn something from them. No matter how small it was a pleasure to learn and interact with you. Happy Friday

Another Year

 I am very glad to be back especially after being sick. I just wanted to get this year started and complete some projects I have finished from last year. It still strange to say it was last year when it was only a few days ago. I am anxious to see what else I have yet to experience at the Lift. Also as the days get colder I am glad I got to know what Minnesota winter is like compared to Michigan's. Minnesota is definitely a unique cold you feel in your bones which is why I'm happy our techs are getting heat. On Tuesday they didn't have heat, but still got work done. Showing true dedication at below zero temperature to do the work we do here. Well stay warm and have a pleasant Thursday

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