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Yearly Archives: 2018

Meet for the Next Steps

Well it is the first time I get to plan with fundraising I have always wounder how those go. Add the fact it is within the realm of Non-profit, just puts into perspective the programs I was in and everything that goes into them. The outside work it takes to continue service and start up services it just always amazes me. It also invigorates my own passion of continuing the work with other organizations and issues to address. Really it comes to feeling honor and humbled to be helping out in such a good place with amazing people.   

It's Almost March....

Wow time seem to be going by so quickly and I feel February is just one of those months where time speeds up more then usual. Granted it is a shorter month but still felt like just yesterday I was my first day at The Lift. And to think it is really the mid-point of my program year just seemed so far and its getting close. I hope to continue to learn and grow but most of all make sure to finish all I wanted to accomplish. I have a few months left just got to make a board meeting

Slow Week

Each day at The Lift is very different then the last and it always makes for an interesting day, but seems as though there isn't much work to do. Or sometimes the days seem slow to start, but we have been able to move people up. I wonder if it has to do with the month? It just interesting to notice some correlations to busier days at The Lift to the holidays and month or season. Yet also wonder if that changes through the year? It all connects with economy though and it has been something I knew but haven't learn much about. Within The Lift I was really able to start to connect the dots and where I fit to help improve the world. With the extra time I have gotten a chance to really reflect on my own next steps beyond my service year

A New Employe Starts

Today is the first day of a new staff member and her name is Johanna! She will be taking some of Brooklyn's old responsibility and just providing new ideas for The Lift. We are excited to see how else we can make The Lift more efficient and better

Being Sick is Awful

Well being sick was horrible, but at least it was only for one day. I feel a lot better but it was a good reminder that I am not invincible. Even though I haven't gotten the cold, stress sickness has been a thing this year for me. The good thing is it isn't work just everything else so coming to work is a lot better then staying home. But also noting to take care of myself is good overall. Glad I will have the weekend to rest to come in healthier for work.  

Valentine is Tomorrow

Valentines is one of my favorite time to continue and spread the love of your neighbor attitude. My favorite part has been to make cards for others, just make the day go better when you can make someone smile. I found it a lot harder to find good car puns for cards, but they were worth it when I did. I hope everyone enjoys tomorrow and stay warm

Settling in

Things have gotten better more or less things are getting into somewhat of a groove, but things have definitely been slower. I wonder if it is just the time or some other factors. We get the chance thought to move people up and get them in sooner, which is always a plus. Having a long waiting list is discouraging, but it just proves their is a need out there for our services. Well hopefully we are able to fill in the last minute cancellations, until next time

Day 1 of New Changes

First day without Brooklyn is definitely weird I am so use to coming in the mornings and talking about our weekends or what we did, it is just different. I am hopeful though because life only moves forward and I am excited to see the next steps. I want to be more productive on my time and make sure to get back on the goal setting mind set even when things are unpredictable. To make sure I am able to leave a game plan of the next steps for my successor. It is the half point so need to be sure I pace myself on the things to come not run to the finish line

Farwell Brooklyn

Today is the the second to last day Brooklyn will be here at the Lift. I have only known her for a short while, but it has been lots of fun. I can see from the customers and the stories I am told how much the Lift has grown in more then one way with her help. She is a amazing, thoughtful and great supervisor. I only hope her the best and wish her luck. It is a sad farewell, but the start of a new beginning for the Lift

Back to the Cold

Well we are back to cold temperatures and just in time for the superbowl to feel the winter I have started to know. It is also nice to see the snow fall from the windows in front of the desk. It almost fells like you enter into a new world. Just thoughts which come up when I am in the front desk, but today was also one of those busy day. Lots to do and just busy making phone calls and trying to get people in sooner, it's always nice to be able to move people up. Well let see what more I can accomplish today

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