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Yearly Archives: 2017

Almost New Years

Can't believe it is the end of the week and the New Year is only days away. As a time of reflection and looking back I am glad to have gotten the chance to work at the Lift. There are some many things I have learned concerning cars and shop life. Especially considering I knew nothing about cars even model or make it has been a very informative few months. Love the staff I work with and the volunteers who dedicate their time to come help. There has been some hard times, but they seem small compared to the work we do. Well hope everyone stays warm and safe and Happy New Year

Breaks Over

Today was a great day for a lot of reasons. First we go lunch for all staff and was open to the customers who were present, which was delicious. It was thanks to Cathy's brother and sister-in-law who gave us the food and dessert. Plus having one of our volunteers bring in donuts was a bonus really.  Add the fact I got validated for my work on the thank you cards to the volunteers was very nice. I put a lot of effort and glad people enjoyed them. The work day was eventful with a verity of things but it was also a day of appreciation as a team. So it was a really nice day to come back to after the break even with everything

The Holidays are Here

It is really nice to know the holidays are almost here and we also get the break to spend home and relax. We are receiving a lot of gifts from partners, volunteers and customers. We even had a beautiful sculpture made by a tech for the front. Truly a blessing to have so many people who give so much to The Lift, very beautiful to witness. Now to finish all the work we need to do and give them back to our customers. Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday season

It's the Holiday Season

It is almost here the long awaited break but only the beginning this week. I am excited about this week and not having to worry about sleeping because I'll have the break for that. Also finishing the volunteer holiday cards which I have been learning calligraphy for. Then got surprised with so many pastries and I can't complain they are all really good. A great start to the week and hope it continues Happy Tuesday

Getting Things Done

Today is exciting for many reasons I am starting a project I was asked to work on and I have finally been able to start with customers. Also just has been a great day of getting things done that I needed to catch up on. Like some of the blogs and emails, but got them done and our of the way. We also are continuing our monthly staff meetings and are making some changes. It relates to how we are doing things to make it more accurate when communicating with customers and data collection. Now to continue and work.   

Snowy Days

Well let me just say it is good to be back with some brand new boots so I don't slip as much compared to converse. I did have a program event so I wasn't able to come to work, but back today. I did also brought in some new toys which were donated to our program, St Joseph Worker's, to give out from Sponsor a Family. Today is also the last day of my class at St. Kate's and final it is a little nerve racking but glad to finally be done. Although I will be starting the second semester but I have time to prepare. It is also nice to have a relaxing day at work still busy, but not as much as the days before. Until the next time and have a wonderful Wednesday

Cold Winter Days

Well today we are busy both in the shop and at the front, there just seems to be very busy this week. It felt like there was a lot to do and a lot to catch up on as well. Then you add the colder weather to the mix and snow equal caution. Being from far West makes me a bit more cautions and aware to look down when I'm walking. Although I don't get cold easily, but I have noticed the difference between here and Michigan. Which is the one of the places I lived with snow or at least experienced it differently then Reno. Even comparing it from Chicago's wind is a close call with similar feelings of a cold you feel in your bones. It is just fun to learn how different each state is and how they have there own way of things. Well lets hope it slows down tomorrow but until then to work

The Snow has Started

Sonia is back! Now I can work on my job more and we got a full house. I curious to hear about her trip and to get back on a system to do more outreach and have more systems nailed down for the years to follow. I am very excited because it also means I get to begin the programs I want to start and do. It was also a busy day for phone calls and setting up appointments today. Which doesn't always happen but now with the snow I hope people are driving safe. It is fun to have snow falling just because I really love winter. My first time in Minneapolis winter so we'll see how goes

December is here!

Can't believe in is already December it feels like just yesterday I had just started here at the Lift. Looking back really proud of my accomplishments but I can always improve. It is a new position but definitely want to make my mark not just for starting it. I just hope I am able to leave with an impression on my co-workers and fellow customers. I still have time and ready to work another day

Coming Back

Wow! Finally back there are a lot of things to catch up on to get people in and get appointments set up. Also glad to see all my co-workers again and have to say missed working here. It's definitely gotten harder to stay on time with the blog but try my best to keep to my two entries a week. Especially considering the other work I have to do but can say at least I have a method to do the front and social media. Now to just keep trying until Sonia comes back. For now I will do my best and just keep working

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