The Lift Garage

The Lift Garage remains OPEN FOR REPAIRS but our lobby is closed to customers, volunteers, donors and all other members of the public until further notice to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of coronavirus.

After the Snow Storm

Lets just say today was a interesting start especially after the snow storm from Monday. I was excited to play in the snow but it was too windy for it to be fun. I have a decent amount of knowledge about the snow weather, but not on the maintenance. I have lived in snow, but I never had to personally do the shoveling and even now don't have to do much. So this year I am going to learn mainly, so I don't have to struggle with the garbage cans again. I'm getting off topic though, here at the Lift we had a slow start considering the roads were still being plowed. Luckily we also had a few cars from last week to do work, while we waited for today's to come in with precaution. Even some of our staff took a while because of there cars getting snowed in. Well hope the snow last some before it melts to play outside.

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