• All Caught Up

    Thursday 25 January 2018

    This week has been great here at the Lift, we have been getting caught up and getting in car for inspections. And the roads are safer and for the most part snow is out of the way. Not so true for the sidewalk, but definitely makes it easier for our customers coming in. Then with the Superbowl coming soon hope traffic doesn't get too bad for our customers or make transportation more difficult. Well we will see how the next weeks end up

  • After the Snow Storm

    Tuesday 23 January 2018

    Lets just say today was a interesting start especially after the snow storm from Monday. I was excited to play in the snow but it was too windy for it to be fun. I have a decent amount of knowledge about the snow weather, but not on the maintenance. I have lived in snow, but I never had to personally do the shoveling and even now don't have to do much. So this year I am going to learn mainly, so I don't have to struggle with the garbage cans again. I'm getting off topic though... read more

  • Workers Bonding

    Friday 19 January 2018

    Yesterday we got to have a great staff and board gathering at a local bowling location, it was a blast. It was amazing to get to know everyone's skill level at bowling, mine is definitely on the lower end. I have only bowled twice and pretty ok not the best, but decent. I will say I was a lot better at foosball and air hockey. Also in the shop things weren't bad was a bit slow in the front end, but definitely busy in the shop. It has been a interesting experience to see the shop in... read more

  • First Day Back

    Wednesday 17 January 2018

    Well it has been an eventful week going to Southern California and then traveling up north to see my family. It was nonstop doing things and traveling each day, it was exhausting. I am glad I did it, but definitely sleeping in on the weekend. The days not at the Lift have also been eventful of just having lots of things to do. But things were good and glad to be back with my house and co-workers. Now to catch up and get work done

  • It's Snowing!

    Thursday 11 January 2018

    Yes! It is snowing! Although there is also a blizzard happening I am enjoying watching the snow falling. I guess you can say I thrive in cold conditions even though I am from California. We had many customers bring their car the night before luckily so they didn't have to drive in the snow. It looks like a busy day for us and now there won't be a line to get into the Lift for the first time. It is a new thing I learned this week about Minnesotans' and car washes... read more