• The Sun is Out

    Thursday 12 April 2018

    Well spring might be skipped this year just keeps getting colder and we have a Friday thirteen which is also is The Lift Garage's fifth birthday. To think this organization started with a single garage bay one day a week to four bays five days a week and growing still. With so much support from a verity of people help really make the Lift what it is today, thank you and may the we continue our good work and mission. Stay warm everyone  with the storm coming in and safe

  • Maybe It'll be Spring Soon

    Tuesday 10 April 2018

    What a spring it is can't believe it still feels like winter really a nice weather consider I don't like the heat as much. Sometimes thou the days do feel like they are dragging especially when not as many customers are able to come in.  Although we are getting some media attention and Cathy got to do a audio interview for The Lift. So more opportunity to have donors or just on people's mind how we operate, we began and do. Especially with a fundraiser soon to look into a bigger... read more

  • Staying busy

    Friday 06 April 2018

    The snow stopped, but now we have wind so still cold. At least it is sunny and maybe it will soon finally be spring weather. Although it does make it easier for our customer to come in when the roads are clear of snow. The day was busy too which was good since the last few days things have been a bit slow. Also wanted to thank everyone for their support in getting us into round three in Brackets for Good. We might not have gotten to the last round, but still raised money to continue services at... read more

  • What a Spring...

    Tuesday 03 April 2018

    Well can't say not happy but still gets me how winter never really seems over. And what a storm it is good few inches on the road which is when I most enjoy the bus ride to work. But it's rough out there especially on the roads with a few inches of snow that have been falling since Monday. Which means it will be a slow day although I hope that we can get some people in at least. Also I was excited to come back to work considering my mild concussion but the snow dwindled me... read more

  • Grilled Cheese and Volunteers

    Tuesday 27 March 2018

    It is remarkable to see the next generation of students coming out of their spring vacation to one provide some delicious lunch, but also their time. It feels like a way of students to get to see a different atmosphere and organization, we are definitely one of a kind. Plus it was very kind of them to prepare lunch for us and our customers. Also there were many people filling the space and was great conversation as they help clean windows. Hopefully the Lift as it expands can house more vol... read more