• The Winter Storm

    Tuesday 06 March 2018

    That storm last night was strong, sort of magical to wake up to the snow in the ground, but was a pain to walk. I was glad we still got customers that came in even with the rough roads. Hopefully it stays that way and we get plenty to do and work on for people. Considering last week was slower then it usual, we want to make sure to get people in and repair done. And it is getting warmer so hopefully it will get easier for people to come in and won't have to worry about the snow. Well to a&nb... read more

  • Meet for the Next Steps

    Thursday 01 March 2018

    Well it is the first time I get to plan with fundraising I have always wounder how those go. Add the fact it is within the realm of Non-profit, just puts into perspective the programs I was in and everything that goes into them. The outside work it takes to continue service and start up services it just always amazes me. It also invigorates my own passion of continuing the work with other organizations and issues to address. Really it comes to feeling honor and humbled to be helping ou... read more

  • It's Almost March....

    Tuesday 27 February 2018

    Wow time seem to be going by so quickly and I feel February is just one of those months where time speeds up more then usual. Granted it is a shorter month but still felt like just yesterday I was my first day at The Lift. And to think it is really the mid-point of my program year just seemed so far and its getting close. I hope to continue to learn and grow but most of all make sure to finish all I wanted to accomplish. I have a few months left just got to make a board meeting

  • Slow Week

    Friday 23 February 2018

    Each day at The Lift is very different then the last and it always makes for an interesting day, but seems as though there isn't much work to do. Or sometimes the days seem slow to start, but we have been able to move people up. I wonder if it has to do with the month? It just interesting to notice some correlations to busier days at The Lift to the holidays and month or season. Yet also wonder if that changes through the year? It all connects with economy though and it has been somethi... read more

  • A New Employe Starts

    Tuesday 20 February 2018

    Today is the first day of a new staff member and her name is Johanna! She will be taking some of Brooklyn's old responsibility and just providing new ideas for The Lift. We are excited to see how else we can make The Lift more efficient and better